Time is a precious commodity, we can’t turn back the hands of time but we can help you take hold of your future and reach your property goals sooner.

We offer our services to Owner Occupier, Investor and business clients.

Our service options are below:



Research, source, negotiate/ bid and secure the property.



This service is designed for buyers who have found a suitable property and have independently decided that they would like to purchase, we would carry out the negotiation only.



This service is the same as option 2, whereby the property is going to auction and we would conduct the auction bidding on the buyers behalf.

The General Process


Service Locations

We are based in Sydney and for Owner Occupiers, we service the wider Sydney Metropolitan area and specialise in Sydney’s Inner West ( Inner West Suburbs linked below).

For Investor clients,  we offer a borderless investor approach, therefore we would look at both local and interstate options, customising the location depending on the client’s brief and timing of the market.

We also offer services for the Batemans Bay area in the South coast of NSW as another specialised region.

If you don’t fall within the above categories, contact us to discuss your  specific needs.

Click here for Inner West suburbs we service

Help me, Help you:

Prior to engaging my services:

  1. You should have your Pre-approval from your financial institution, i.e your finances approved. If you need some help in this space, I work with a close network of mortgage brokers who may be able to assist you.
  2. Know your property brief, however I am happy to discuss your ideas on the brief and if you require some guidance based on your goals.
  3. I will provide an agency agreement, which will need to be agreed and signed prior to any work commencing. The agreement sets out each parties Role and Responsibilities to keep matters transparent.

Note: There is no time limit on the agreement, however typically we would identify a 6 month period to work within, and we would be aiming to find you something suitable within 4-12 weeks of appointment.

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